Resetting block values to default

I’ve accidentally overwritten the default values of my Tape Delay block with the last ones I was using (I’ve accidentally hit the “Set parameters as defaults” function).

Now I lost the factory settings of the block and don’t know how to restore them (every time I add the Tape Delay block it now pops out with my “new” default settings).

Is it a bug or is there some way to restore the factory values/parameters?

Following I’ve done similar

Unfortunately, at the moment, the only workaround for this is by manually dialing the original settings for each parameter or by doing a factory reset. I’ll send your feedback to the dev team to check if it’s possible to implement a feature to return to factory defaults in the future.

Just in case, here are the factory settings of the Tape Delay block:

  • Mix: 50%
  • Feedback: 25%
  • High pass: 100 Hz
  • Low pass: 5000 Hz
  • Ping Pong: Off
  • Sync: On
  • Sync note: 1/4
  • WOW: 25%
  • Flutter: 25%
  • Drive: 50%
  • Trails: On
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