REQUEST: A Global On/Off for the AMP for use with Virtual Instruments. (Please Read)

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my request.

Sometimes I use my Neural DSP plugins on instruments other than guitar. This is because these plugins have such a unique tone in both the Amps and FX. As it is now, presets load with the Amp ON by default.

My request: Can you please add a toggle orswitch at the top of the Application/Plugin that works globally for the Standalone App and Plugin? The switch can say PRESET Loading: (Default)(Amp Only) or (FX only) or (SOLO)

(DEFAULT) - means it works as it does for everyone now. AMPS are turned ON when you load a Preset.

(FX Only) Amps are OFF by default when loading Presets. This would be incredibly useful for using these Plugins for non-guitar instruments, without the need to turn the amp off every time a new preset loads.

(Amp only) Meaning the AMP is Solo’d (aka Only the AMP is turned on, with NO EFFECTS)

If I’m only wanting to use the FX section, an FX Solo switch would make auditioning FX sounds much quicker. Conversely, with the AMP Solo switched, I can scroll through the Presets only hearing the Amp sounds.

Please consider giving this an UP vote if you could use this feature. Thank you again.

DJ Astrofreq

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