Feature suggest, Archetypes: FX settings per amp rather than global

Hi, on the Archtypes, when you switch from one amp model to another, all the effects stay set to a global one except it seems, for eq, which is per-amp. Could there be an option, preferably on by default, to have the fx and cab settings be remembered per amp so that I can switch say from the first clean amp with a glassy chorus and reverb to the distorted, no fx lead in one step. The EQ, at least on the petrucci (I have not checked the two others I own), already seems to do this with the EQ and it would greatly increase the playability to have this across the board for all Fx and cabs. I can’t really conceive of a playing situation where global fx would be useful actually.

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this form of switching can be easily accomplished with presets

But you invoke an audio gap when switching between presets. This is a perfectly reasonable request from OP. Not only is it reasonable, but it’s a feature of the cutting-edge modeling scene for over a decade now. If this were implemented, it would dramatically simplify MIDI foot switching and DAW programming. Having the plugin remember the last used FX with a given amp should have been implemented with the first multi-amp plugin they released.