Confused about how to use the plugins?

Hi all,

So I’ve downloaded a few of the plugins to trial as I’m looking for something to replace Bias FX, the amps sound good quality but I can’t work out how to add pedals to the nameless plugin. I would like to be able to add an overdrive and reverb but it doesn’t seem to be an option.


You can use two plugins together in daw. Load two plugins onto a track and disable what you don’t need by double clicking the icons at the top of the plugin. There are some softwares that allow you to do this outside of a daw.

Thanks, so it seems this isn’t really going to work for me then. It’s a shame as it feels not good value for money when comparing to bias FX where everything is in one place. I suppose the quad cortex gets around this but that’s big money.

What is your current set up and how are you looking to use the plugins?

Hi Aaron I use bias FX 2 stand alone, I’m just a bedroom jammer.

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There are a couple programs you can use to combine multiple neural plugins outside of daw. I started using studio ones free version so I could do just that.

You’re like one piece of software away from achieving what you want while also unlocking the full potential of a complete recording setup.

Hi Aaron, would that be STUDIO ONE 5 PRIME? Thanks.

You can use prime absolutely! That’s where I started. Keep in mind you don’t get all the features with it BUT you can use it as I mentioned above.

I’m not convinced the pricing structure seems wrong you pay for a plugin but it doesn’t even have basic reverb? You have to buy another plugin just to use reverb where competitor products have everything in one handy stand alone product. Shame as it sounds pretty good.

Many thanks Aaron!


Of course! Enjoy!

Many of the plugins come with a reverb in the effects suite. With the offerings from neural, there are many options for a plugin that comes with a reverb and you can cover a lot of tonal ground.