Reduce screen brightnmes at startup to minimum

Hi, nosophoros measured the power consumption of the QC in the thread Ciocks DC7 Power supply 2Ah? - #14 by nosophoros. I noticed that the power consumption seems to increase to 1.8 A when the QC is started, because the QC seems to turn the brightness of the display to maximum. Only shortly before the end of the startup sequence is the brightness set by the user and then the consumption drops by up to 0.5 A at a low setting.
Would it be possible to set the display of the QC to the lowest possible value at startup? Then the selection of possible power supplies for the QC would be much larger. It’s stupid if you can’t use a power supply just because it doesn’t provide enough current for the display at startup.

In addition to the power consumption, it’s also better on the eyes when booting the QC in a dark room.
I think the LEDs are also at their brightest before the “user settings” are applied.