Recording USB Audio back into DAW

I’m wondering how I set up the QC to record USB audio back into my DAW when set as an output and input for my computer.

I rehearse songs I need to learn for gigs by recording them into Reaper and being able to slow them down, pitch adjust as needed and I’m wondering if there’s a way to record the USB audio back into Reaper without using a separate cable that goes from the headphone jack ->QC and back into the computer via USB.

I can’t seem to figure out how to set up the audio routing and I’ve tried all the inputs/options on the track in Reaper to try to get it to “hear” the audio that’s playing from the computer.


I can probably help you on this as I use Reaper and the QC and mine is routed fine, although I’m not entirely clear what you’re trying to achieve in this case. Can you clarify? So you have a song track in Reaper or you’ve recorded something from the QC into Reaper? Then what is it exactly that you want to do with the QC after that?

So I want to record a song into reaper using the QC as an input and an output. For example, I’ll play a track from Dropbox on my laptop and want to record it into reaper using the QC as an interface. I am able to achieve this by using a 3.5mm to stereo TRS out of my laptop headphone jack into Inputs 1/2 on QC but I’m wondering if it’s possible to do it without that 3.5 to TRS cable and just use the USB connection.

You don’t need the INPUT of the QC for that. Just drag the MP3 or WAV file from Dropbox onto a track in Reaper. It will show up as a stem on a track.

If you want to use the QC as the interface for playback from the DAW then go to Options/Preferences in Reaper and select the QC as the interface (make sure its plugged into USB before loading up Reaper). It should automatically select outputs 1 and 2. I assume you’d have monitors or speakers plugged into the QC’s outputs 1 and 2. That should work.

Sorry, I used a bad example with Dropbox; more specifically Apple Music or YouTube

Ah k. The only way would be either using a TRS from the headphone jack of the QC to the input jack of the QC or from one of the outputs 1 or 2 to the input of the QC after panning full left or right somehow on the player on your computer (make sure you scroll down from the top of the screen on the QC and select “mic” for input instead of “instrument”.

Separately, you can actually download files from YouTube (maybe not apple music). I would just do that and bring it into Reaper as a file as I mentioned in the previous post. An easier method for streaming services would be to just play it off your phone instead of the computer if you can connect to the input of the QC.