Raw Hex Code for Midi outlined

(It’s not intuitive that LSB entries are ordinal number decimal equivalents of CC# number controller values that always get converted to Raw Hex before being transmitted to the Quad)

Here are your Raw Hex codes:
All examples have the Quad assigned to controller value 7.

B6 is Channel 7
This hex value (B6) would correspond to the channel you have assigned to the Quad.
A decimal to hex reference table for channels would be a helpful guide in your manual.

Gig View Toggle
B6 00 00 B6 2E 01
2E - this is the Hex value for controller 14 which corresponds to the CC#46 you have assigned to gig view.
01 - moot value really because it is a toggle command, but required. Would be GREAT if you could reprogram the Quad Midi commands to use a value to turn on and another value to turn off, versus a toggle.
The other two sets of 00, clear the previous values loaded before sending new values.

Changing modes
(Examples uses same channel 7, or B6)
2F - Hex Value for controller 15 which corresponds to the CC#47 you have assigned to changing modes
B6 00 00 B6 2F 00 - Preset
B6 00 00 B6 2F 01 - Scene
B6 00 00 B6 2F 02 - Stomp

Changing Scenes (2B = CC#43, or controller 11)
B6 00 00 B6 2B 00 - Scene A
B6 00 00 B6 2B 01 - Scene B
B6 00 00 B6 2B 07 - Scene H

Footswitch’s (each has their own CC# and controller value)
B6 00 00 B6 23 00 - Footswitch A, Enable/Bypass
B6 00 00 B6 24 00 - Footswitch B, Enable/Bypass
B6 00 00 B6 29 00 - Footswitch G, Enable/Bypass
B6 00 00 B6 2A 00 - Footswitch H, Enable/Bypass
(23 corresponds to CC#35. 29 corresponds to CC#41. The next Hex number after 29 is 2A, which is CC#42)

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