Question: Why load IRs into existing cabs? / How to activate param. 8 EQ fully?

I did not find the answers in the manual, so maybe someone here can enlighten me:

  1. According to the manual you load your own IRs like this: go to cab device in your signal chain - select box where the microphones are listed, add instead your own IR. How does this make sense? An IR is a signal that went through a speaker plus microphone. Now you add a speaker/cab + mike signal into an already existing cab? I don’t get it. Why can’t I choose my own IR like I would choose a cab?
  2. I can’t figure out how to activate all existing eight frequency points of the 8 param. EQ. Mostly only four are activated, the other four are greyed out and you don’t see them in the EQ-line. How can I add the other bands?
  3. Sorry, one more: What does it mean when you see a small sign with ABCD (square) in the parameter view of a device?

Thank you for your help!

There’s a plus sign above the box with the frequency point’s name. Press that to enable and it turns into a minus sign. Press the minus to disable. In the lower right part of that box is an indication of the band type (band pass / high / low / shelf / etc). Tap that to change the type.

That parameter value changes between scenes. If you tap it, you can “unlink“ from the scene and it will revert to the value for scene A.

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I agree that the IR loading is not intuitive. The IR completely takes over the tone it does not mix it with the cab you pick, so it sounds good. I do think it might make sense as a separate block with a high and low shelving and a few other controls like the AxeFx and others, though.

You cannot just look at a preset and know whether it is using an IR or not on the signal chain screen.

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Damn it, I had the reply to your posts for days in the editor box, but did not send it, sorry for the late delivery:

Thanks a bunch for chiming in! Strangely enough, I tried this before: tapping on the plus signs of the EQ bands. Did not work. I tried it again today. Worked! - I don’t know where I went wrong… However, it works!
And yes, the process of loading your own IRs is strange and you have no clue looking later at the signal chain, if that sound comes from a cab or your IR. I addressed this.