Quadcortex into Marshall DSL 40C

Hi there. I was wondering if I can plug my quadcortex into my Marshall DSL 40C, just to use its speakers. I know it’s not the best option, but I don’t have an FRFR… anyone knows the best way I can use it?

Hi @Lendia and welcome to the community! There are a few ways to utilize your DSL for your sound. First, you could configure using four cable method (4CM) by using the directions from the manual. This will give you the tones from your amp and QC. The other method and one that I personally use frequently is to run your QC output into your DSL’s FX loop return, bypassing the preamp and utilizing the DSL’s power amp/cabinet. In either case, you would not use a cabinet block on your QC (or you could but it might not sound optimal). Hope that helps!

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thanks a lot, @MP_Mod… I’m new to digital devices, but QC blew my mind… :wink:

I’ll try these options, it helped a lot!!!

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Glad to help! Goodluck!