In DAW, trying to match QC's USB input level with clean input signal

I am trying to reamp guitars from my DAW (ableton) into the quad cortex. I have two options:
1.Use QC as audio interface and record using USB in and out. this works well but causes latency and doesn’t allow for monitoring via speakers.

  1. Via my apollo twin MK II audio interface, record QC clean output (XLR output 1) into DAW and send clean signal back from the DAW through apollo twin (ext 3) into the QC using input 1. This solves the latency issue but causes a slew of complications with gain staging. When comparing processed signal recorded directly from the QSC and when reamped there are notable differences. The re-amped signal sounds more comrpessed, distorted and less clean than the DI processed signal. I suspect this may have to do with the gain level being outputed from my DAW into the QC.

Is there any way to level the clean input/output signal to be re-amped so that it matches the DI input level if the quad cortex?