Quad Cortex Development Update #48 - PCOM beta


Encouraging news! Hopefully they don’t encounter any big bad bugs and this is the month.

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This is brilliant news, well done to the team, and I can’t wait for the public release!


Can’t wait. I wonder if it will have some other goodies not disclaimed on the new features announcements…

You mean like bugs? Heh, just kidding.
…tho, the last big CorOS did contain a pretty major glitch that took a while to rectify.
I’m going to try to hold off updating till i see some reports.

50/50 chance they’ll slip in some unannounced content or features. Would be a nice surprise

No bugs please :grin:

But stuff like free switch assignment or layout per preset, “always open on Gig View/Preset View…”, improvements like this…

I think probably they had a lot of work regarding plugin integration so maybe things like this only show up later but one can dream ah? :sweat_smile:

yeah, I think they definitely have been buried with work getting PCOM situated, I sure wouldn’t expect more than that but who knows?

You know about the midi hack for ‘always open on gig view’?

Not that I disagree, “No bugs” is definitely preferable, but often unattainable with a major update. Once you release code into the wild, users prove incredibly resourceful when it comes to finding new and creative ways to break it.

My hope is that if there are bugs, they are minor and more importantly, that a fix is rolled out in short order. What I dislike are bugs that are allowed to hang out for months (or even years). I truly love a quick fix as long as it doesn’t introduce additional bugs.

Midi hack? How?

I think what Xush is talking about is using a standard midi cable and hook both ends into the QC making a loop. On preset load send the midi message to call up gig view. I haven’t tried this yet but will tonight.

Yes, it’s the midi loopback that makes it possible. It will also cause the QC to reboot into Gig mode anytime it restarts. Here are the instructions:


Looks like they pushed an update for cortex cloud this morning with UI updates for 3.0


Yeah, there was an update for Cortex Cloud on iOS mentioning “preparation for the CorOS 3.0.0 release”

Android here.

Stay cool, everybody. Might be another couple of weeks still before PCOM is released.

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