Quad Cortex Captures

Hello, I have a Positive Grid Bias Head amp which I intend to sell, but I have some sounds on it that I really like. Is it possible to capture those sounds on my new Quad Cortex by using the effects send of the amp?

The capture function on the QC will walk you through what cables need to go where. Stupidly easy!

ivanlechev if you are only using the line outputs of the Positive Grid Bias Head and not hooking it up to a cab all you need to do it follow the directions on hookup up an amp to create a capture. But instead of using a mic on a cabinet, you can just come out the line out of the head into the mic input on the QC. Spend a little time getting the levels correct. It makes a huge difference in the outcome of the capture. If you’re using a cab and want the sound of the mic’ed cab, you will have to use a mic and follow the directions for that procedure.

Thank you, guys! Just being afraid of damaging something in my brand-new Quad Cortex… As DarthV wrote, stupidly easy! Works like a miracle!