Please test something for me

get set up to make a capture of an amp that is set up at least slightly distorted. instead of hitting the capture button play a chord or two. Then pull the cord from the Capture Out jack and plug it into your guitar without changing and controls on QC, amp or guitar. You have now plugged straight into the amp like normal…

Play those same chords the same way.
Does it sound the same?

For my QC before you change cords it sounds like a guitar plugged into the effects return of an amp…bypassing the whole preamp section…quite clean. make the change in cords and it sounds like the whole amp.

Is this normal or is my QC defective? I can’t make a crunch or heavy gain capture using DI or Mic. At best I can set the amp up for very heavy gain and get a low gain capture but the input gets clipping issues then and I’m pretty sure that isn’t the way you are supposed to do it.