Quad Correx Crackling Noise

UPD. Neural DSP contacted me, they said that it’s currently unavailable to retrieve my unit from Russia, so I’m literally have no solution to my problem, just thrown away 1.800 $

The repair facility is in California. I emailed Neural DSP support support@neuraldsp.com, described the problem and sent them a video of the problem, and they gave me the address and a shipping label to send it in. I sent it in a week ago. Waiting to hear what the problem is and how long it’ll take to fix it.

Which vendor did you purchase through? Is it possible to RMA with your vendor? Currently, I am only aware of the units being shipped to Finland for repair and not aware of any other locations for service.

Edit: I did verify through support that there is a service center in the US for warranty work which is great news!

Many similar cases reported on the open forum in S.Korea.
Some experienced after 2.1.0, and some others after 2.1.1.
And some people got this resolved after 2.1.1 update.

What make it difficult is that they don’t know how to trigger this noise.
It randomly occurs, so hard to record the video.

I had the same issue and ended up sending my QC to Neural in California under their warranty support. I live in Pennsylvania, and the whole process took just over 2 weeks. I was told that the issue was the “connector board” in the QC which was replaced and I haven’t had an issue since. I bought my QC new from Sweetwater in early 2022, so I hope it was just a hardware fluke, but judging from the number of similar issues here, I’m hoping there isn’t a general hardware problem happening.

Thanks for the feedback! I received my QC in mid 2022 and (knock on wood) no related issues. I haven’t been able to replicate any similar issues etc.

Hi, I have had this happen several times. I solved this by lifting one side of the QC a few cm up
the floor and dropping it on the floor. The noise was gone. Static electricity?

If dropping / shaking / beating it helps I would imagine that it is more likely a connector that is a little bit loose.

Yes, you are right. It could be also a loose conector.

čt 21. 9. 2023 v 10:13 odesílatel DavidRSTV via Neural DSP <notifications@neuraldsp.discoursemail.com> napsal:

I hand a similar issue, unfortunately they had to replace the entire unit!!!