QC Commercial Art

Hi Squad Cortex

Link to a gallery of the original visual arts QC commercial launch at Bēhance; a site for displaying CG arts. You’ve probably seen at already but anyway: Enjoy.


Thank you, @kNow. QC looks really mighty on those pictures. Especially while standing on a pedestal.

Hi @4TuneMan
To analyze; it’s the open space around it that makes that temple worship effect. Combined with the music (in the vid), colours, blurred/sharp focus, pixel stony grit, techy lines and the lighting it morphs the ancient with the modern and future associations. Dreamy yet solid.
The association passes on to the rest detail pix.

The instruments kinda draws towards it like a Starwars/Alien space travel perspective.

[Edit:] Very Nordic simplicity overall. :smiling_face_with_tear: