QC: inputs and outputs sound different?

So, I’ve noticed few weird differences using different I/O setups with the Quad Cortex:

Having output setting to ”Multi Output” the tone is more ”boomy/mushy/soft”. This affects the tone evethough you just use headphones. When I change output setting to ”Output 3” my tone is more focused and clear. The change in tone might be subtle to someone, but it is there and it still is noticeable.

Same thing with Input 1 and Input 2!
This is what I just discovered today. I havent used Input 2 before, but decided to test it and I noticed, that Input 2 sounds ”Better”. With Input 1 in use the signal has more lowend and is a little bit softer… while Input 2 is just more Clear sounding!

I did check my I/O settings to see, that all of them are in stock settings.

Have you guys noticed this?

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That shouldn’t be the case - can you make samples?

I will record few comparison clips when I’m at my computer.