QC Combo amp factory captures (Speaker ?)

Do the Combo captures in QC include the capture with the speaker? If so is there anyway to use these captures through a guitar cab?

the Factory combo captures on the QC (there’s only 2, the TuneRoyal=Toneking, and the US HRDLX=Fender Hot Rod Deluxe) don’t appear to include speakers, so they should be fine going to a physical cab

How are you able to tell if they include or do not include speakers ? If not, then why list it as a combo capture? When I played the Tune Royal through my 1-12 guitar cab it sounds very thin and bright. So I presume it was already captured using the combo speaker and would then require a frfr.

I notice in ToneX Pedal you can turn the Cab off on a preset that already includes a cab. I don’t believe there is a way in QC to do that??

Anyone have any more info?

Unfortunately, you really can’t know except to judge by ear. The 2 listed as combo amps in the Factory captures on the QC don’t sound like they include a cab, as you noticed. Thin and bright; that is the signature of a DI capture. Why they listed it as a combo capture, I don’t know. I guess because the real amp is usually a combo model. There’s definitely no cab response in those caps though. It won’t hurt to try adding a cab block, even if you are amping your QC thru a real cab.

Presently you can’t ‘turn off’ a cab in a QC all-in-one capture that included one, but they hinted early on that it might be a feature they could introduce later.

This is a serious issue that I have with the way the capture labels are set up. Someone else asked a similar question and the mods closed the thread because is was “answered.”

The labels mean NOTHING in terms of cab/no cab when it comes to combo amps. Of course, if you have an amp head wit no cab, there is an option for that and if you have an amp head and a cab, there is an option for that… but what about a combo amp w speaker and a combo amp w/o a speaker? Same icon, sadly.

As another commenter mentioned, the factory combo amp captures DO NOT contain a speaker. I assumed they did and was really confused why the capture sounded so terrible. I asked about it on Reddit and got torn apart for not realizing how this all worked (figures, it was Reddit).

The reality is, we need another option to separate combo amps w/ speakers from combo amps w/o out speakers. Neural has their way of doing it (which I guess is doing a direct capture, all the time?) but this is documented nowhere that I can find, other than forums. If I capture a combo amp with a speaker… what do I tag it as? The same tag we use for a combo amp with out a speaker. This is an issue.

Easiest fix is to add one more icon to differentiate the two combo amps… the best fix is to scrap the icons altogether and create two: (1) with speaker, and (2) without speaker… what do I care if the digitally captured amplifier WAS a combo amp or an amp+cab? I don’t, and if I need that information, I can research the amp online. In the less common situation where an amp has both a combo/head version, we can just note “Amp X Combo” or “Amp X Head”

On a slightly different naming issue……one thing I liked about the old naming method was you could name the title of a capture and then using what I think was called tags you could add additional info about the capture. I used to add the amp setting in there as a reference. They feature went away on 2.0

The other thing that would be a nice feature is to tell us a bit about the captures. What good is differentiating the captures of an amp by calling them 1,2,3,4 etc. this seems pretty pathetic when you think of the technology being employed in the first place.

Am I missing something here? Is this like just audition every capture to see if you like it and then if you do listen to all 25 variations to see if one strikes you more than another ???

you can still tag captures, but you have to do it from the app- not on the QC itself. There’s a possibility that a feature is coming that will let you upload a pic of your device and its settings, that would be fantastically helpful.

Unfortunately you are right, you can only audition each capture to see if it works for you. No other way of knowing what the settings were. Generally, they increase with gain as the #s go up, but when you’ve got 50+ of the same device, it’s pretty much just a crap-shoot at this point.

Regarding Tags on captures made prior to 2.0.0 release:

Is that info still there? If so how do you locate it? Upload capture to cloud and use app?