Labeling captures that captured DI or with a speaker/IR

It is an annoyance to download multiple captures and go to audition but some are captured with speakers or IR’s and others are DI when the capturer doesn’t add it to the capture title.

…What, exactly, is your request?

Here are some other recent discussions on this topic:


I guess I should update to clarify my request. I would like there to be a label applied either during the capture process, but maybe more importantly when uploading to share there be a mandatory label to select if the capture is from a DI or a cab/IR.

I’ll check the 2 requests you linked to see if they are the same/better worded than mine.

Thanks for your comments!

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Labels are great and all, but I have a problem with them being mandatory for user-generated content. People are lazy. If you make DI/cab labels mandatory, some capture creators are only going to do the bare minimum to capture and share, including labeling something wrong, if it means they can get it done faster. It’s a losing battle.

Maybe there’s a way that the QC can differentiate between DI/cab (probably by detecting an excess of high frequency noise for DI) and apply a label automatically.

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I only meant how you can select guitar, bass etc when making or editing a capture to differentiate it from a pedal, amp etc.

That would allow the ability to filter captures further in the directory. by with or without can/IR. Not needing to add any

There are labels for this already. Amp only and amp+cab as well as pedal. The combo amp label is a bit confusing and unnecessary IMO.

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