QC Audio Routing on Mac with OBS

I am trying to record myself playing, both video and audio using OBS on my Mac and having some difficult getting OBS to record outs 3+4. It records those and it sound like it is also recording dry signal as well and recording does not sound good because of this. If I record my audio with logic I can easily select outs 3+4 and the recording sounds as it should,. Does any know how to get OBS to record the selected outs only?

Not 100% familiar with OBS but this is where I set the outputs:

This image and additional info was pulled from the last post on this thread:

Regardless, hopefully someone with more OBS experience can add more input if needed. Good luck!

stop using 3 and 4, 3+4 USB is dedicated for DI outputs

you are getting a mix of DI and “wet” tracks because of this

use like 5+6 USB or 7+8 USB instead and it will stop