QC as Singer Songwriter Live-tool

hello all Non-Metal or Shredd-User of the QC

I misuse the QC as a 4-Chanel-Mixer / Looper-Tool for my 2 Voice and 2 Guitar performances.
So I could delete all AMPs and Cabs, because I play clean strat and Acoustic only.

Love the chorusses, reverbs, delays and the great EQs
What I would need next:

Remote solution (wired or better wireless) so the QC is on the floor, but I have access tom the parameters
An 8 chanel “quad” cortex.

Is there anybody out there with same requirements?


Are you referring to the Cortex Control (desktop editor)? If so, please see the latest update:

Thanks, I´ll try it out.


My QC preferes keeping 2.0.3

So how do i get the Update?

there is no update since 2.0.3
2.1.0 is coming next, but not available yet

the “Developer’s Update” linked above is an article posted on the NDSP website describing what’s coming in the future update. It’s confusing a little, probably could use a more descriptive name.

Ol got it

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