Pugins not registering as "installed" in DAW

Hello there,

I’m using Studio One 3, On macOS sierra 10.12.6 and seem to be having issues using any plugins in the daw.
The standalone versions are working awesome as ever, but I can’t load any instances in studio one.
When I try to view any older instances i get the message “This device is not installed on your system”. I’ve tried deleting/reinstalling the plugins, updating ilok, updating studio one and a couple other things but alas I’m doomed to lackluster crushing tones…
Any ideas and advice are greatly appreciated! I might be missing something very obvious…

Hey @Zackwilson2000!

Welcome to the community. It looks like your daw compatibility and system requirements don’t meet the requirements.

Please refer to these two pages:
Our system requirements page System Requirements
Supported DAWs page DAW Compatibility

If you have any further questions or need additional help please reach out to support@neuraldsp.com