Problem FL Studio and Reaper ( No! Windows 11 connect problem)

Hello! I write through a translator.
When you connect a Cortex USB as an interface to both DAWs, the problem begins. At first 5 seconds sound is good. Then the crackling starts and Fl Studio freezes. Exactly the same problem in Reaper. And also Windows freezes next, and you have to do a reboot.

New clarification! FL Studio and Reaper have nothing to do with it! The problem is that Cortex does not work as an external sound card. In the Windows settings, I select Cortex for audio playback. I turn on YouTube, for example, or any other sound - trsec, the system freezes!
Please help me solve the problem!
Neural dsp quad cortex
CorOS 1.4.1
Neural DSP USB Audio Driver v.5.31.1
Windows 11 64Bit
FL Studio 20.8.4
Reaper 6.69

Hi @gsm3694 and welcome to the community! I would suggest adjusting your sample size and or rate first, if that doesn’t work, try setting the driver control to safe mode. Worst case, email and they will get you sorted quickly.