PowerBank Thread for Quad Cortex (No More AC Cables)

You need the mission engineering 529 to convert to 12v

I have tried several powerbanks, too. The most important is USB-C output value + USB-C cable thickness (power handling). Not every USB-C cable is able to handle 12 volts with higher amount of ampers. May powerbank with capacity of 40.000 mAh and ability up to 20V with 3A is able to power my QC together with Mipro wireless for over 6 hours… :metal::+1::wink:

From my powerbank I go from the usb c port to the 529 via a standard usb c to usb c cable and from the 529 via the 12v centre negative 2.1 x 5.5mm Plug.

Never had a problem

Hi, question for all, that are using the 529m method. I’ve figured out, that my 529 drains the powerbank (about 2,5% per hour). So without unplugging it after playing the powerbank is empty after one or two days. Has someone of you made the same experiences?

For all of those tired of chasing cordless freedom with the QC (like me), I decided to stick with a power cord. This guy offers a substitute for the pitiful AC adapter included with the QC. When mounted on a pedal board, they appear quite sturdy - mine is due in the mail in a week or so. He only has 8 or so left. Check them out: Quad Cortex Power Supply Replacement IEC Neural DSP - Etsy

Besides that was not that what I asked for ;-). I would never ever buy a power supply without the official needed certificates like CE in EU. If your apartment burns down, no insurance company will pay :-). And why should I, there are thousands of viable alternatives to the official QC power adapter from well-known manufacturers. What is the advantage of something like that hand-built (as long as you do not personally know the person who builds it and its reputation).

I was making a general comment or suggestion because I have heard several people requesting a better adapter. I wasn’t suggesting ANYTHING for you. Thousands of viable alternatives for adapters?? You couldn’t name 100 good ones. Why not try to be a positive addition to the discussion instead of a condescending one?

Sorry, since I asked a fairly specific question I thought your post was meant as a direct answer to my question. And yes, a thousand was exaggerated. Exaggeration makes vivid, as we all know ;-). So everything is fine :slight_smile:

Btw. Solved my problem with a new powerbank. I went for a Shargeek Strom 2 with DC outlet. Works realy nice and has power for about 5 hours. So no more 529m or other converter cables for the QC any more. Now I yout have to clean up the cable management under the board a bit :slight_smile:

@in5y372 Did you still have to use the polarity reverse cable using the Shargeek powerbank?

Yes, I do still use a polarity reverse cable.

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I have a question regarding the 529m. I’m using it with a powerbank and everything works fine, but when I connect it with a normal usb Plug (45W) the outputs of the qc are very very low. This is not the case with the powerbank nor the normal power brick. Does anyone have an idea, why this happens?

Sounds strange. Can you tell, what usb-plug you are using? I can imagine, that it maybe don’t have the power delivery version that the 529m needs. But this is just a guess. Is you 529m is set to 2A oder 3A? (It’s a little switch inside teh 529m)

It’s a BEOPDOHR 63 w Adapter

Output usb c 12v 3a
With this one the QC starts but quits half way
An anker one
with this one everything starts fine, but the output is extremely low.
With my power pack everything works well.

I just wanted to use one Powebrick for loading my accupack and running my qc at home, but at the moment I don’t know what to do

thanks for your reply @in5y372 . I ended up getting one as well :slight_smile:

A bit pricey but user experience feels very premium.

Was planning to run it as a “UPS”. 12V out of the DC jack with the polarity flip adapter, going into the QC. And PD 12V going into USBC1 input. But the two ports are so close together.

So I’m thinking the alternative, 12V into the DC jack (from original QC PSU with polarity flip adapter). And PD 12V (with a 12V triggering adapter that is USBC on 1 end and a 2.1mm barrel at the other) going into of the power bank and into the QC.

Hey! Here is my benchmark station aha:

For those who are wondering if it’s really worth a try: the Blackstar PB-1 battery life powering the QC (minimum screen and switch brightness) + the GLX6 is approx. 1h15.

I am planning to buy the 529P POWER BANK and I know that the qc is center negative and the 529P POWER BANK is center positive. How do I know which cable to use to connect the two, and which side goes into the qc and which side goes to the 529P POWER BANK?