Post Amp Level in Drive Blocks

This is a great idea from the humble yet great Atomic Ampli Firebox V1 (it’s not available in his bigger brothers).

The idea is you have the classic drive pedal controls (gain, volume and tone) but then you also have a control that is only possible in the digital world: a post level. We all know that when you add a drive pedal to an already driven amp, you can only get more gain, but if you add this Post Amp Level, you can set a volume bump when you engage the drive block.

Yes, you can do this using an additional post amp block or going to another Scene, but with this idea you can save that extra Block and/or that extra Scene.

I guess they developed the idea to get more from what is a very limited unit (very limited but, for me, it’s the perfect spare rig and sometimes I use it as my main rig).

Yes, it’s simple, it’s possible and it’s not necessary. But best of all, you save some space, time and some processing power.

I think it’s so easy it should be available in every modeler.

And it could also be a good idea for some other effects.

Now, please, tell me I’m wrong and why it isn’t a good idea.

Have an ice day (yes, it’s hot, here).

I think in a more complex modeler like QC it makes things more complicated.

I mean saving a block is nice, but how should the drive block determine where in the signal chain is “post”. What if there are multiple amps or splits?

I’m not telling you, your’re wrong or this isn’t a good idea, but I have my doubts :smiley:


That’s a very good point.

I didn’t see that complication when I was thinking about it.

If there are more than one amp in the chain… what about placing the post level after the last amp?

As I told before, it can be done with other methods.

Thank you.

You could also just up the output volume in the amp block in the same scene that engages the OD - that would be “post” everything so just a pure volume bump as you describe - or use the output block level the same way - both cases no extra block needed


Yes. As I said, extra Block or extra Scene. At the end, it always needs a footswitch, so…