Gain block at the end of chain not saving

I placed a gain block at the end of a chain to level it with the other presets (did not want to rise the master volume of the amp), but the changed level does not save. The output of the preset is not overpowered. When I switch to another preset and back, the level has resetted to default. I tried higher and lower levels and also in different presets, the result is always the same.

Did I understand something wrong?

I have to add that in the meantime, I learnt of the possibility to set the output level of each preset, but this does not solve my problem fully; I am still not able to level the output from two amps in a stereo setting before the general output and I do not want to rise the gain of the powerstage of an amp as this in real has a huge effect of the overall gain?

I believe there was an issue with presets that were created before a coros update not saving. I’m not sure if that’s still the case or if it’s been fixed in a more recent update.

I am unable to duplicate this issue, it may be a bug. Have you fully updated your QC? Have you contacted support yet?

In the meantime, can you send each amp signal path to its own output, rather than summing them back together into one lane ( II assume that’s what you’re doing)
Can you show us the preset you’re trying to accomplish this in?

Thank you for your answers. Yes, QC is fully updated and is working flawlessly otherwise. I will try not to sum the outputs. meanwhile, this is the preset:

Same behaviour with the gain block. Changes in Level are not saved, but at least, this way I can change the output levels separately.

I will contact the support. Maybe this information could be useful for them.

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