Another question about mixed capture presets

Let’s say I create a preset, and in this preset I have used captures I found on the cloud. From what I can see, there’s no way to save this preset to my private cloud such that I could re-download it again later, if one of the captures in it is no longer shared with me or public. Is this correct? Effectively, any capture not physically stored on your device cannot be counted on to be reused in the future unless you created it?

I’d like to avoid having hundreds of downloaded items since the UI doesn’t allow for organization or structure. It’s kind of an edge case, but it would be really nice if there was a way to privately store them permanently (even if they were not shareable).

Once you create a preset and save it to the cloud, you can download it whenever you wish to use. If you use a shared capture, once you download it locally and backup to the cloud, its your capture to use. The original owner/creator of the capture can overwrite, delete or remove from shared so if you delete a capture, you may or may not be able to restore it. That might change in the future if NDSP implements a local storage / file management system but for now, that is the way it is.

Thanks - so if that preset includes a capture I didn’t create, it’s possible I may not be able to re-download it in full again if I have not retained a saved copy of that capture on the device?

No problem and glad to help! Yes, that is true. Also, the creator of the capture can delete, remove the share and or update the capture etc. I had a capture I really liked and inadvertently deleted it, when I went back to download, the capture was changed so they can also overwrite while keeping the same name. Basically, the creator owns the capture, download while you can if shared publicly as it may not be available later etc.

Thanks for the clarification - I’d love to see a way to maintain our own copies (retaining all of the original creator’s immutable metadata of course, and potentially limited to our own personal use only). I don’t really forsee this being an issue now, but for peace of mind and as the community grows over the next 5-10 years I think it would be really helpful. Especially with regards to capture retailers (though I realize ndsp has no association or obligation there)


This cleared up a few things for me too! Thanks.

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