Quad Cortex plug ins question

Im new here and have a question about the Quad Cortex. I have 5 Plug ins I just bought and they are Killer, I tried to see if they were in the Quad cortex but didn’t see them in the information on the site. are they like the computer plug in versions or scaled down? mainly do they sound the same?

they are not on the quad cortex. They promised at QC launch like 3 years ago that you could use them in Quad cortex but there are no updates and no info on how they would be implemented

None of the ones I bought for computer work on the unit? Oh I was thinking of buying the unit because I love the Plugins. so it’s not the same thing. they should have a unit that uses these…I Like the Fortin Cali Suite.

no they don´t work on the unit. They promised they would work on the unit shortly after launch but it´s been about 3 years without updates on it and no release date on sight so do not buy the unit if you want to use the plugins.

It’s a sore subject.


An understatement? :wink: