*Plugin* X...upgrade? Included?

Oh man…the ability to merge the plugins with the QC is HUGE!! Might be time to trade in the trusty Axe-FX II!!

Question though…will we have to completely re-buy the plugins we already have? Like, I already have Plini…would I have to buy an entirely new Plini X when it comes out? That would suck…lol

Not according to their announcement. The QC will scan iLok for the plugin activation details.
"Archetype: Plini X. This free update for existing users comprises many new features and changes

It’s written in the first paragraph.

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First paragraph. Nice. #fail…that’s what I get for reading before coffee, I guess.

That’s fantastic though!! Thinking it may be time!!


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I wouldn’t get rid of your Axe-Fx III. I have both and to me they sound totally different. Different units for different applications.

Interesting. I have a 2, but I love the thing. I’ve had it for ever. Would kinda be sad to see it go, in a way. Guess I gotta keep it. :rofl:

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Hell yeah, this is the announcement I have been waiting for.

Plugins and presets will be usable. Components can be mixed, in fact each component behaves like any other QuadCortex component. How great is that?

Over the last 24 months or so I have accumulated six plugins. The outlook that I will be able to use them without even starting my computer is such great news.

The email was well thought out. No questions open.

Together with the upcoming beta of the editor: I can’t wish for more.

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Yea, I’ve grabbed a few choice ones and have been waiting for this announcement before grabbing a unit. Might be time!! :grin:

Being the nerd I am, I can’t help but marvel at the nuts and bolts side of it…getting things that are on such completely and totally different platforms playing nicely together can be INCREDIBLY difficult. Think software on ARM vs x86 vs x64, Win software on Mac, Mac software on Win, etc…can be a real pain. I’m thinking the QC runs some form of embedded ARM OS at its core (wouldn’t surprise me if it’s some kind of Linux) and that ain’t what I expect most of us run the plug-ins on. All this is even MORE true when latency is a concern…it’s often possible to just brute force stuff these days and emulate whatever you need, but that probably isn’t going to work with real-time applications like this. This is truly incredible if it works as well as we all think it will/expect it to.

Pretty sure the QC runs on Linux. When my first QC was acting weird it froze and then brought up script on screen that had the word Linux within the text/code running

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Linux Realtime Kernel, buildroot 4.0.0-ADI-1.3.0 #1 PREEMPT armv71(none)

[Learn about Embedded Linux]

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Nailed it! Hahaha