Plugin Skins not loading fully in logic

When loading new plugin instances or editing pre existing ones about 90% of the time the plugin skin will only half load. This leaves me with either the option to use the control view on the plugin in logic, scrolling through all the setting and using sliders to adjust them. Or if I can’t find the setting in the control view quitting and reopening logic, where it will then work for maybe 1 or 2 minutes before then not loading properly. Does anyone know how to fix this? I couldn’t find anyone else having the problem online. I’m running the latest version of Logic on an M1 Mac Studio with OS Ventura (I had to update from Monterey and Apple isn’t letting me downgrade back). Thanks.

Hi @Taz and welcome to the community! Unless someone else has any ideas other than removing and reinstalling the plug-in, I would email and they will get you sorted quickly.

Yeah thanks, I emailed them just now.