Archetype GOJIRA won't open

I have had the plugin for about two weeks now with zero issues. I went to open it up yesterday and it would crash instantly, so I figured something needed to be updated. I updated my Mac os and it didn’t help, just curious if anyone else has had this issue and knows what I can do!! Thanks!!

-also tried to redownload and that did not help either

Hey @Mattb1x. Does it happen with both standalone and plugin formats? Did you try reinstalling iLok License Manager?

I tried that too, still no luck.

I’m sorry to hear that. Please try the following:

  • Go to < User Folder > / Library / Application Support / Neural DSP / Archetype Gojira
  • Locate the Archetype Gojira.settings file and delete it
  • Launch the application and check if the problem persists

If it doesn’t work, please contact to receive further assistance.

Thank you.

Had same issue. I noticed that iLok wasnt opening either.

Fixed it by re-installing iLok.