Volume pedal assigned to output

How do you unassigned an expression pedal to the output row I cannot workout how you do it?

I have worked how to unassigned the expression pedal to the output row. Finally
I have one expression pedal with 2 inputs utilising both expression pedal outs on the qc
I want to set up a preset with scene 1 wah bypassed and a volume pedal assigned to a unity gain block via expression out 1
Scene 2 wah set to ‘bypass on’ via expression “stop” expression pedal 2 out. Unity gain bypassed.
But I cannot set the wah ‘bypass on’ in only 1 scene and bypass the wah block completely in the other scene.
Should this be possible?

What we need is the ability to map more than one bypass to the same switch. Then you can turn the Wah on and the volume block off with the same switch. I do this all the time on Helix.