PLEASE HELP - Sudden Output noise - gig tomorrow

One more thought, which given how comprehensive your troubleshooting has been, you may have already tried. If you are using an expression pedal, try unplugging it.

Also done. And all other outputs too. I’ve had guitar straight into inputs and then through headphones (and other speakers when testing other outputs).

What kind of guitar is it? If it’s active pickups, have you checked the battery?

Have you tried a different guitar into the QC to see if the issue persists?

edit - just reread that you have tried different guitars. Damn.

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Have you added any new lighting such as LEDs or anything related? I know it’s a far fetched idea but I have seen this result previously due to specific lighting being used. Although you did indicate you tried multiple outlets therefore that’s likely not an issue.

Hey, good idea but afraid not. I’ve heard back from support and they have unfortunately requested that I send it in. Bit of a nightmare as I’ve a busy month of gigs but impressed with speed of reply. Thanks for the responses and help!

I got the same problem and I sent my unit to the factory, the support email was really fast. Waiting for it to return. They asked me to shoot a video to show the issue. With me to be honest didn’t happened everytime, sometimes the crackling + noise sounds were there, some times not. Same place, same conditions, some times the issue shows up, and some times it didn’t…

What happened in the end with your unit? Repaired and returned?

Still waiting. But they will fix and return.

Ah sorry, just saw that you said you were waiting.

Yes support were brilliant. I had already recorded a video and sent in diagnostics and sent the link to this thread when I first contacted so they could see what had been attempted etc.

Can’t fault the customer service at all

It’s the power supply. Crap one they give you.
Get a cioks or other high quality unit.
I had the same issue with noise.
Try a different house also to power it and see if it goes away. Didn’t read all the forum but good look.
Just giving my experience with the supplied crap power supply.

Hi, it’s not the power supply. I was using a cioks and it also did same thing with the stock one when I tried that

I’ve had a comparable issue when connecting my guitar/bass after the QC already booted.
When I shut it back down and restart it with guitar connected no issues. Maybe it does some kind of impedance measurement at boot up that sometimes goes haywire. (but you probably already tried this)

Im having the exact same problem as you have been describing, and have been waiting over 2 weeks for support to get back to me after sending all necessary details…. hope they sort this out!

I suffer these same issues. I use a cioks.
It seems to be more apparent with the more captures I use in the chain.
My power is clean. I don’t use the ground lift because it makes it worse. I’ve tried multiple different input and output methods, gates help a Tiny bit. But not a ton

Curious to hear if a new unit solved these problems ?

Mine is more that a noise in the signal chain I believe. It seems to be something crapping out when there’s an audio signal going in. Otherwise it’s quiet as normal.

It’s back in the factory currently so will see what happens. Must say the speed at which they sorted out a return was great. I guess I must have exhausted all of the checks that they would have asked me to carry out and also sent in my diagnostics from the unit.

Will post again when I get the repaired unit back

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Good to hear customer service is doing their thing.
That ground noise stuff is really my only complaint with this thing (outside of the ancient Wi-Fi card) so I’d love it if there was a software type fix, but I’m also ok
To ship mine in if it is needed

As each issue is likely different for everyone etc., it would be beneficial to email to log and resolve your issue.

Same problem here. I have spent 10 hours trying everything. Cables, headphones, several guitars, powersuplys, daws. I have noise on every single preset.

Any idea or solution?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately not. Mine is currently in for repair. Reach out to service and send in your diagnostics off your Qc. They were really swift at getting back to me

Noticed the same with mine yesterday but didn’t have time to do a thorough check. Would be good to know if there’s a ‘simple’ solution.