Phase issues with Morgan Amps doubling?

I’m wondering if anyone has tried recording with the Morgan Amps suite yet with the doubling effect selected?

If you collapse the track to mono the lovely wide screen sound turns to a nasal phased sound. This would be an issue with productions being listened to on certain convenient mobile playback devices.

I’ve solved this problem with genuine double tracking previously by inverting the phase of one pair, but I can’t see this available in the plugin.

It’s a shame if this can’t be done, since to me it renders the functionality unusable for recording. Any hints or suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!

I don’t think the doubler sounds that great unless you’re into heavy distortion territory, and even then it’s just passable. I think they intended it to be a practice tool or maybe a live tool, but for recording you should always use real double tracking as opposed to tricks, because the tricks just don’t hold up.