Petrucci: Assigning Wah to the Behringer FCB1010's EXP Pedal?

Hey, y’all. I have the Behringer FCB1010 MIDI floorboard; I can figure out a lot of the assignments within the app & pedal, but for some reason, I can’t figure out how to get the wah to auto-activate when I push the EXP pedal’s toe down and to deactivate when the heel is all the way down. Is this even possible? If so, how would I configure this?

I can get the EXP pedal to engage the wah OR control the sweep, but not both at the same time (without some tragic artifacts lol) and even then, bringing the heel down doesn’t disable it.

For now, I have one switch to turn the wah on and then use the expression pedal for the sweep, but this is tap dancing and somewhat cumbersome, although, I can live with it if it’s not possible.

Check out some of the neurals youtube vids where they show how to do all these and more with that exclusive controller. I went and bought the 35.00 mod chip, and that worked even better! Hope that helps!

I’ve seen a bunch of the videos, but I missed the one/part where they show how to do this. Everything I’ve read so far says it’s not currently possible. Can you show me where they show how to do it? I’ve figured out how to do everything else I need with MIDI and that controller, just not auto engage/bypass the wah with the EXP pedal :frowning: