Parallax & clean tone?

So I’ve been using the parallax for a few weeks now and I love it. Just wondering if there is a way to actually get a completely clean tone or if it’s impossible, even by turning Mid & High gain to 0 or deselecting them but then all you get is the lower frequencies, can I use the built in eq or should I just turn the plugin off Logic when I went a Completely clean sound?

Yes you’re almost there, at the point you describe I then simply use the EQ and increase the miid and high bands to increase the higher and mid frequencies. Of course your IR will have a lot to do with the sound too. I don’t know if you own the Darkglass plugin too but I often use that plugin’s IRs instead of the Parallax’s because I find the tweeter feature very useful in obtaining a clean tone. Hope this helps you.

Its quite a struggle to get clean tones out of Parallax. It seems to be designed and targeted for distortion and metal. For example, you have to turn the distortion levels down BELOW 1% on the mids and highs to get the sort of round tube clipping used for a typical Ampeg clean bass sound. I think this plugin would really benefit from and expand its market and user base if it was expanded to have controls that made it easier to dial in nice warm round tones for pop, rock, blues, and R&B tones.

I found if I just turned down the input level to -12db and set all the drives to 0 I can get a clean sound. Must be clipping on input

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