Parallax for Guitar Fuzz

Hey all,

Recently, I watched a video about how JST’s Hellraiser was used by a stoner rock/metal band to get a nice, thick fuzz tone going on with their guitars. Seeing as I have that and Parallax, I decided to give it a go. I know that the High Distortion Module in Parallax can get a really nice “fuzzy” high end, so I decided to try it going all the way down to 100hz. IMMEDIATELY, there was a nice starting point for the tone, but I felt that it needed a push.

Instead of using a tubescreamer, I decided to go with Izotope’s Trash 2, which has tons of really cool features and distortion modules, including various fuzz types. A little tweaking in there, and the fuzz was finally there.

Highly recommend grabbing Trash 2 from Izotope, it’s a lot like FabFilter Saturn but with more features and capabilites. You could create a bass tone similar to Nolly’s all within the plugin, as it has EQ, Saturation for the low end, compression, and even an Impulse Response loader.