Parallax Glitch in Pro Tools?


Has anyone encountered this strange noise coming from Parallax when opening Pro Tools?
Happens inconsequent, but probably 50% of the times I open a session including Parallax.


Hello @toneshed. We have received a similar report. Please check if turning off/on the cab/IR section solves the issue temporarily.

Our development team is already notified about this problem to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Hi. Thanks for the reply and goog to hear it is worked on by the team.
Disabling the cab solves it but putting it back on introduces the glitch noise again. So that is not a solution. Let’s see the updated version soon!!

Thx! Erwin

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Any updates on this issue?
When can we expect an update that solves this bug?

Hi @toneshed. We’re working on it. The current timeline for the updates is Plini > Nolly > Parallax.

Thank you for your patience.

I’m getting a very, very similar glitch with the Nolly plugin, however it’s no where near as subtle and rounded as the bass plugin and is instead very loud and distorted, startles me everytime and makes the session unuseable unless I remove the plugin and reload the session without it

Edit: Experimenting furthers shows that the issue is coming from the amp head itself. Switched off all sections across the top, reloaded the session and switched everything on 1 by 1 with the head section last, which causes the noise to return

Edit 2: Scrap that, just happened with nothing being switched on

Hello @conorbailey1997. Does it happen every time you use the Plug-In or just with that project? We’re currently working on an update for Archetype: Nolly.

If you wish, you can send your system specifications and project settings to so we can try to replicate it.

I’m experiencing the same issue in Parallax (Logic 10.5, Mac Catalina), but it only does in on the cab’s left-side. I can turn off the left side for now, but it definitely limits the sounds I can get. Since it’s been about 5 months, I’m curious, is there any update on the timeline for fixing the issue?

So it’s now just a few days before Thanksgiving and I’m still experiencing the same issues everyone else has reported in this thread. Parallax is almost unusable because of it’s glitching instability, especially when trying to use it in the studio. It would be fantastic to be able to use this plugin without a cheesy workaround that cancels out half of its tone.

I’m running Logic 10.6 and Pro Tools 2020.9 in Catalina 10.15.7

Feb 2021 and this is still happening (1 year after the first post) Often this requires a full restart of PT to fix. The other main issue for me is that it when this happens it is insanely loud!

Parallax is still on v.1.0.0? When can we expect a fix for this?

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Any news on this?

Hi, I’ve experienced glitchy performance from Parallax on Logic Pro X from day 1. The bug shown in the video also happens to me. I’m looking forward to a Parallax update!

An update has been released last week.