Option to make any Footswitch (or block) in STOMP mode Momentary or Latching

If they can’t even add a simple volume block, I doubt this will ever be implemented.

There is a volume block, it’s the gain block in “Utility”. You can add an expression pedal to the gain parameter, that’s it. Max range to 50% are 0db at full toe down.

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Do you have a QC? There are many ways to make a volume block.

Bumping for newcomers. :slight_smile:


This could just as easily be a toggle in SCENE mode too.

Bumping as well. My HX FX does this and its awesome for some FX that you only need for a short time.

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Bump! Bumpity bump-bump! Would love to see this happen.


Now I’m using an external Momentary Switch in an Expression pedal in for a Whammy. Please we need this URGENT !!!

We don’t want more switches …


Bump! Bumpity bump-bump!

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bump but it´s depressing to watch threads like this be a far off dream when it´s the norm for cheaper products


I prefer to stay optimistic. Without knowing Neural’s development timeline there is no way to know whether this will be “far off” or in the next update. I do agree this is one of those fundamental core features that should come sooner rather than later.

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Momentary Switch is very URGENT …


This one is pretty high on the list for me. It would also be nice if it was not only for stomps but also for scenes. Two use-cases:

  1. I gigged with a rock n roll band as lead guitarist. For this band I’d play long ‘real’ solos, but also little bluesy licks between vocal lines. At this time I was using an HX stomp. For the real solos I’d switch scenes. But, or the short solo’s I a switch on my helix that would temporarily engage the lead scene on press (od, delay, verb and solo boost) so that my lead could be heard. When I let the button go, it reverted to the rhythm scene and I’d go back to rhythm playing.
  2. Momentary noise FX, I also play in a metal core band and we have stops with warble like fx. It is much nicer to time the warble with one press and release, versus having to swithc it on, and off again as these moments are like half a second.

TLDR: please add the ability to assign latching style button operation on stomps and scenes. Thanks!


Hard to believe momentary switching is not available on the QC. This has been an option on every floor unit I’ve ever owned going back decades. In my view this should’ve been available in version 1. What a weird oversight. :frowning:

I need it.

I think you have your TLDR wrong. It should be “momentary” instead of “latching”, right?

You’re totally right! I don’t see how I can edit my post but I do mean momentary.Thx for pointing that out!

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Nice function to add. I would use it a lot and now I need external device…