Only in case of DESKTOP EDITOR : really useful FUNCTION in wifi

It would be nice in future, to have, in case of Desktop Editor, a REMOTE control of Quad Cortex via Smartphone, ipad or tablet and so on.

With this function I can connect the guitar with a wifi to the cortex (xvive and so on) and with the guitar in hands at the listening point, make fine adjustments while the band plays. Not all of us have the service, but our personal PA.
Then ,on stage I can put the cable back =) but I will have the sounds adjusted very well.
What do you think?

so basically an app?


Does Cortex Control support Wifi rather than wired USB connection?

Are you asking if Cortex Control can use the QC’s WiFi adaptor if your PC is not connected to the internet? Don’t know, give it a try.

If you are asking if Cortex Control can use the connection to the internet if your PC is using a WiFi adaptor rather than an Ethernet connection, I think probably “yes”. From my understanding, if your PC is connected to the internet via WiFi, and also connected to Cortex control, the PC’s connection will most likely take precedence over the WiFi adaptor housed within the QC. Strictly an assumption that Neural would need to confirm. I am basing it on the fact that Neural has stated in their documentation that Cortex Control’s internet connection takes precedence over the WiFi connection directly from the QC.

I am extrapolating that the Cortex Control’s precedence rule applies whether your PC is connected via Ethernet or a WiFi adaptor.

Update: I tested Cortex Control with no internet connection via the PC, neither Ethernet nor WiFi. I did have a WiFi connection on the QC though. All of the Cortex Control’s functionality appears to operate, although I only did a cursory test, with the exception of the Cloud functionality. The ‘Cloud Presets’ under both CoCo’s 'Directory tab, as well as the ‘Cloud Presets’ on the QC become unavailable.

You also lose the ability to upload any of your presets to the cloud on both the Control app and the device. Even though the QC is still connected to the internet. This seems like it could be a bug with the on-device vs. PC connection internet precedence rules.

Cortex Control asks to plug in the USB cable so was wondering if Cortex Control could just find the Quad Cortex over the network / ethernet / Wifi instead of USB?

No, currently, you need to be connected via USB to operate Cortex Control.