Official request: ADSR block

I already posted how I obtain a kind-of auto swell effect using the new new Utility Gate FX…
It’s definitely a poor solution, as the gate behaviour cuts prematurely the longer tones…
I had to switch back to my old Kemper, that has a proper ADSR filter block, to obtain the modern violin-like tone that jazz guitarists use now (kudos to Kurt Rosenwinkel, first one to use that, when switched from his semi-hollow to a solid body guitar)
I really hope that sooner or later such effect will appear also in the QC list.

I want to enthusiastically second this feature request. I currently have to carry a POG 2 just for this one effect (I don’t use all the pitch shifting features in it). Since the violin like effect is becoming more and more popular I really feel it would be greatly appreciated by many users and it’s certainly well within the Quad Cortex processing power. So to Neural developers_Please add this asap! … or, if you are a power user who has figured out a way to achieve this in a more effective way that Edel described with utility gate, please post your solution…it would be greatly appreciated!

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