Feature Request: Slow Gear and/or Pog shave off attack effect

Requesting an adjustable filter block to be added which can shave off the beginning attack of each note to achieve violin like effects, as well other cool legato effects, ala Kurt Rosenwinkel, Allen Holdsworth and many others. I’m not just talk about slow auto swells. I’m talking about a adjustable filter that can track fast notes too. Currently I use a Pog 2 to achieve this, but since I don’t need or use any of the other functions on the Pog 2, it’s a drag to have to carry around a rather large pedal for that one effect. I believe this effect can also be achieved with a Boss Slow Gear and a Mooer Slow Engine which are smaller, but it would still be awesome if it were a built in feature so that those of use which use this effect wouldn’t have to carry extra gear. Extra gear, especially on fly dates, equals more that can go wrong. I don’t believe this feature would be difficult to program and am sure it would use up much DSP. As far as I can tell this effect is not currently possible within the Quad Cortex using it’s existing collection of filter blocks, or with any other built in effect on the QC. If I’m mistaken about this, and it actually is somehow achievable currently inside the QC, I’d love to hear about how to do it from anyone who has done this. On the other hand, if I’m correct that this effect is not currently achievable with existing Quad Cortex effects, I enthusiastically request that it be added and I predict it would be very welcome and popular by a large sector of users. Thanks for your consideration.

you can almost do this with the utility gate, but you need enough time between notes for the gate to reset.
It tends to be more like a swell but it doesn’t really like legato playing.
Any fx for adjusting attack transients would be most welcome!

Already requested.