Capturing fuzz pedals

Hi. I heard somewhere that the QC cannot capture fuzz pedals. Does it have to do with the input impedance of some fuzzes (iow, buffer friendly fuzzes could be capture) or there’s something else?
Sadly the offerings in terms of fuzz models in the unit is lacking…

It’s not the impedance. Doug said the following on TGP about this:

“The missing bit for fuzzes capturing a lot of fuzzes is being able to detected and learn DC offset, in which the DC bias point (clipping symmetry) shifts on a time-dependent manner.”

He added that they are working on it… but that’s the last mile challenge.

For now, probably have to use real fuzz in front or in the loop (in which case yes… you’d want to change the impedance setting which you can already do)

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You could try anyway, there are a few people doing it on YouTube and some are not too bad

I will try once I have it!

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Strangely enough I don’t have any fuzz but I’m on the list for a boss tone bender so I’ll try that one…

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Oh, that should be nice. I missed that one. I do have a Ramblefx twin bender that I’ll be trying once I have my QC

Please do and share your capture please :slight_smile:

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Sure will :blush: if it turns out decent

If ve got my QC now and I’ve captured a Ramble Fx Twin bender. It sounds really close. I have setup in a way that plays nice with buffers, so I think that probably helps

Would you care to share? :smiley:

I think I have the captures shared on my profile (same as here)

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share share share!!!

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I would if the darn thing had already arrived… it was supposed to be here by the end of last month…

@onyir you got “HudsonBroadcastHi” and “Twin Bender” shared. A assume it is the “Twin Bender”? I’ll check that one out that evening or tomorrow. :smiley:

Yes, they’re a Hudson Electronics Broadcast and a Ramblefx twin bender (tone bender mk II clone with some mods)

I checked it out and I really like it! Great stuff. Thx for sharing. :smiley:

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Downloaded! Sounds good! :slight_smile:

There’s a nice vermuran myriad fuzz capture on the cloud (not done by me, don’t remember the user)

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