Not Getting A Wet Signal In Studio One

I am using my QC as an interface for Studio One v5 and am only getting a dry signal through it. In the manual, it says to get a wet signal I need to set the Host USB Channel Input to 3/4 (p. 74 How do I do this? I initially assumed I could just tap on the Input button on the left side of the grid, but do not see input 3 or 4 (only Input 1,2, USB input 5, etc…).

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @ac2. In Studio One, you have to set the inputs of the track to “From Out 1 + 2” to record the processed signal.

First, make sure both inputs are enabled at the Audio I/O Setup:

After that, select the correct input in the audio track:



Thanks, @Gonzalo! Your advice did the trick. The screens helped me see where I missed a couple steps. Really appreciate this.


I have the exact same issue and replicated the first screen shot and my meters are showing signal on Input 1, but when I go to the audio track, it still only shows Input L and Input R. No matter what inputs I add on the Audio IO Setup screen, only get Input L & Input R as options on the track.