Noob Routing/SetUp question


Sorry in advance for the long post. (posted on the FB QC group, too)

I’m hoping I can get some help as I’m a noob at all this. I’m normally a bass player who plugs directly into an SVT.

But, now, I’m the only playing guitar in a new industrial/metal type band. We’re using an In Ear Monitor rig and possibly live cabs onstage.

I’m trying to set up a “rig” that has 2 independent amp set ups with 4 outputs (each amp has an output with a cabinet for the ears and without a cabinet for an onstage power amp/cab)

I figured out how to set up each rig with standard guitar effects (Wah, Whammy, Reverb, Delay). But, that means 2 separate buttons to turn the individual effects for both chains.

Is there a way to combine the “pedals” onto one pedal to turn each corresponding effect on/off simultaneously? Or, is there a different way to configure the grid to put the effects before a splitter to each amp set up and still have the 4 outputs as described above?

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I think I can see your problem. Basically if you use 4 outputs you would have to use two separate pedal chains. The solution is to use scenes to switch the pedals on/off at the same time and then it shouldn’t really matter how many pedal blocks are on there. As I understand it, you should probably do it like this to be the most economical:

  • (Row 1) - Input 1 > Wha / Drive, etc. > Amp > Delay > Reverb > Splitter (use A/B) > Output 1 (Live cabs).
  • (Row 2) - Cab within the splitter > Output 2 (in ears).
  • (Row 3) - Input 2 > Same chain as Row 1 > Output 3 (Live cab).
  • (Row 4) - Same as Row 2 > Output 4 (in ears).
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That’s basically what I am doing at this point.
I understand the concept of the scenes, but still have to figure out how to set them up.

My question is how to control the Wah and Whammy? I have the Behringer FCB1010 Midi Pedal that has 2 expression pedals. (One for each effect)

Is there a way to split Row 1 after the the Drive, Wah and Whammy blocks, sending 1 side to Row 3 as you described and the other continuing down Row 1 to then be split again before the cabinet block to Row 2 and a separate output?

Then, I could control the “real time” effects with one expression pedal each on the FCB1010



That would be difficult as you can only use one splitter for each of row 1&2 and rows 3 & 4. You could experiment with a splitter and then sending to either row 3 or row 4 to get something like you’re but then you’d lose one of the outputs.

I was experimenting a little bit last night and was coming to that conclusion.
So, that’s not going to work.

I was hoping to use the Behringer to control the QC.
Is there any way to control 2 separate effect blocks with one pedal? It looks as though the CC#'s are fixed so I wouldn’t be able to use the same CC message for 2 blocks, correct??

As in Behringer as a midi controller? You can if it’s an expression pedal which is midi anyway so it probably works for normal midi switches too. All you have to do is add the block, go into the 3 dots on the top left of the block, assign the same expression pedal (there is a thing on there which says “Pedal”). You can assign any parameters to the same pedal from multiple blocks. Its the same as how you’d normally assign it.