None of the X plugins work stand alone on my M2 Mac

Hi everyone!!!

I decide to my post my issue since I cannot truly understand what is happening.

I have always used Neural dsp plugin perfectly fine. That’s until I download the X models. For some reason, when I load up the plugin at first it works perfectly fine like there is no problem. About 1 to 2 minutes, the plugin starts cutting the signal. Gradually the signal becomes impossible to play and I cannot use it at all. It only happens on the X models. For some reason when I loud the plugin on logic it works great. I want to understand why is it that the plugin crashes when is just the plugin itself. Currently I have the regular model and X version of the Gojira and Soldano amps I already update both my mac and the amps to the latest version, try to tweak my interference but I have no clue what is causing it.

Any tips,ideas, recommendation is welcome! Maybe I am not the only one with this issue.

Hey please reach out to about this, sorry you’re having this issue.