No sound when playing recorded sound in Logic Pro X

Hi there

This is my first post in this forum and I am totally new to the quad cortex family. My unit arrived yesterday. I am struggling to make the unit function as a standalone audio interface. The qc is connected via usb to my iMac. On output 3 and 4 the active studio monitors are connected. I am hearing sound when I play the guitar and when I listen to Spotify, so far so good. When I open Logic Pro x I can record audio (waveform is visible) but when I play the recorded sound there is nothing to be heard, even though the sound meter on logic is moving.
What do I do wrong here?

When I plug in the qc to my focusrite scarlet 18i8 everything works fine: monitoring, recording and playback.

Greetings from Switzerland and thanks in advance.

You must switch the output of all channels in the Logic to QC out 3/4 or use QC outputs 1/2 and headphone output.

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