No Guitar Signal after 1.4.1

CorOS Version: 1.4.1

Describe your issue:
After updating to 1.4.1, I am not able to get my guitar signal through to the QC. I’ve narrowed it to the input section because I can see in the I/O settings that no signal is coming through either input even if I max out the input level. It’s almost like my volume is rolled off or the cable is dead, but I’ve verified neither of those to be true & also tried multiple guitars. I further can see no input signal is coming through because when I play in the tuner, nothing displays either. The QC does sense that a cable is plugged into the input because the IO settings turn white/grey when plugged/unplugged, but no signal passes through to the input of the unit when playing.

Also worth noting that the unit is just 2 weeks old from Sweetwater. Has not been gigged on or traveled with yet. I have a support ticket running already, but wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this and resolved it. Thanks!

Steps to reproduce your issue:
Was receiving guitar signal and playing on 1.4.0 - stopped receiving input signal after 1.4.1 update

I expected this to happen:
All solutions I’ve tried have not worked and I am not able to get any signal to the QC or use the unit now. All other navigation in the unit and functions appear to be fine, but I just can’t get an input signal into the unit.

I have tried the following things:

  • Multiple Factory Resets
  • Multiple “Reset Settings” (holding stomps A & H at the boot screen)
  • Playing in both inputs 1 & 2
  • Restart of the unit
  • Loading in my backup from before the update to 1.4.1
  • Multiple guitars, cables, wall outlets - all of which work on other gear (verified no dead cables, etc)
  • Maxing out the level of inputs 1 & 2 in the IO settings

Hey, sorry to hear about your issue. It sucks having your equipment go down on you. Shoot a message to and see if they can help, if not, it might have to be sent back. Good luck!

@DanQuigz - Hey sorry to hear you’re having issues, 1.4.1 should not be causing an issue with your guitar signal.

Please reach out to Sweetwater and they should be able to coordinate a replacement for you.