Neural Dsp wallpapers?

Thanks… Got everything wrong thoug… in a perfect small cube, sitting in the bullseye of the room, and putting my shitty monitors on their side :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… but I love it :slight_smile:

some more

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Great… now I need more computers… :smirk:

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Great work! If you include the Nolly or Nameless would be great

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Thank you for the red edition… it is great for my room !!!

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You’re welcome :smirk:

Dude mind-blowing. Thank you so much

Could you try something on the red one. Some faded re smoke on the sides.

got these pngs out of google. please dont sue me people haha


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tried to make it subtle. Send me a SS if you are using this

Is there any who would like to create a black background with signal orange “N” and the rest of the text in white at a resolution 3440*1440 :slight_smile: ?