Where's the app?

I am currently on the Neural DSP app that makes me write this in the forum. While setting up a new phone I searched the Google Play Store but the Neural DSP app is nowhere to be found?

What am I missing?

Search for Cortex Cloud.

I already have Cortex Cloud, it’s the app for this forum that I want. It’s the white app in the picture.

I’ve never seen an app for this forum, always accessed thru browser. Where did you see that white icon?
Apple or Android?

Where did you get that screenshot from?

Google Play Store.

My old phone, the one I’m sending this from.

Never seen it, doesn’t show in mine. Can you “share app” from the app store on your old phone to your new phone to see what happens?
I’ve had to find the APK files for older apps and send them to newer phones to install sometimes- certain apps don’t work on certain devices

I tried to share the app but it didn’t work, it’s like app doesn’t exist anymore. :sweat_smile:

Probably an old one and they removed it…

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yeah, I went thru the same mystery with the Talkbass forum years ago, it just disappeared and they didn’t explain until much later.

Hahaha, this is insane. I accepted the fact that I’d no longer had the app and opened the forum in Google chrome instead. As soon as I logged in, a notification asked me if I wanted to download the Neural DSP app, so now I have it again. :joy: