Neural DSP MIDI Thread

I’m using NI Guitar Rig 3 Controller and it’s amazing!
I can’t seem to find where Gojira NDSP standalone plugin saves the MIDI mapping file. I need this file so I don’t have to remap everything.

PS. I mapped the preset change but I need to press footswitch 2 times to initiate the change, and there is a lag between presets, so annoying, but hey, I don’t use presets that much :slight_smile:

This my be a stupid question: can you use Archetype Plini as an instrument in Ableton Live using a MIDI keyboard to play it rather than a guitar through an interface?
I dropped the Archetype Plini VST on a MIDI track in Ableton, signal is going to the track from my keyboard, but no sound coming out. Other instruments work on the track so it’s not a general thing, just with the Plini.
Oh, answer may be in MIDI Basics here: Neural DSP Software Support …none for Ableton, but this may help anyways.

I tried switching presets with Archetype Nolly and experienced that same lag between presets, which is unusable for live. I hope Neural will fix this asap.

@DropTheSun Hi there, which mode did you use to connect Harley Benton Midi FW with Neural?
It would be of great help if you could share the whole process of connecting it to NDSP and getting it to work.

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Hi, I’d like to share my MIDI experience with the Archetype Plini. I like to use my old Lexicon MPX R1 foot controller. However it has some tricks that I solve using a very clever software named by Bome Midi Translator Pro. First of all let explain the MPX R1 complexity. It has a expression pedal, tap tempo switch, bank up/down, analogic relays controler, internal clock, bypass, A/B amp channel selector and I can use programs and independent FX switches. As Plini NDSP has not modulation FX, I’m using a old but very good rack Lexicon MPX110 for chorus, flanger, tremolo, pitch, rotary,…
However these lexicon gadgets uses for tap tempo and A/B a kind of information named by SysEx which NDSP did not implemented in its plugins. With this Bome software I can translate all these informations and maker routers to control the standalone NDSP and my rack as I want. With this software I can write by hand or perform a midi detection of each switch and control everything. So, this is my tip for you. Bome Translator MIDI Translator Pro | Bome Software

I have been using regularly Behringer FCP 10 10 midi foot controller you can control all the volume knobs the expression pedal as well as turn them off and on all control if you get the chip that extra others to Pine one will do it without having to put in the perimeter‘s you can do an automatic hopefully that helps! Check out Neurals YouTube, he’s using this same controller!!

I have İrig Blueboard from IK Multimedia and would like to use it with my NDSP plug-ins. But don’t know how to do in Windows 10

Hi, I have a problem to use MIDI PC to change presets in Nolly Plugin when I use the plugin in Ableton DAW Live Lite 11 (standalone it works). Can you have a short look on my config (see attatched pic) and tell me what´s wrong? Thx a lot!

Im using a a Irig Blueboard (on Mac) as a midi controller, I’ve been using it for the SGear plugin a couple of years with no problems at all (I like it because it’s simple, small and wireless).

I have no problems with Sgear (seamless switching between presets), but with the Neural Petrucci plugin (I fell in love with this one) im getting a gap between preset changes. It cuts the sound.

Iv’e read in another thread that some people were experience the same problem but with another plugin (Plini I believe).

Does anybody know a workaround for this? I would hate to have to buy another midi controller, because this one serves me perfectly fine.


So after further investigation around the web regarding this it seems the “gap” is a inherent “quirk” of the plugin. I even toyed with the idea of purchasing another midi controller, and it was when I was watching a YouTube video of said controller that i understood it’s a not a problem of the midi controller (that was a bit obvious in insight…),

To whom It may concern, and since people asked about the Blueubaord controller. If your a Mac user (even on the latest OS), the Blueboard works fine with the Neural plugin.

From the reading I’ve made on the forum, a lot of people have problems mapping their midi controllers. The blueboard is super easy to use, and works flawlessly (keep in mind every time you want to use it you have to connect it on the midi studio in the midi audio setup on Mac, a very minor inconvenience).

You can turn on/off delays/effects/drive pedals seamlessly, and I even has two expression input pedals (worked well with a Roland Ev5). Small (four buttons), simple and completely wireless.

Then there’s the gap thing between preset changing…but that’s something only Neural can fix in future updates of their plugin.

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Did you try to use your Blueboard with Windows? I have also a Blueboard and wondering to use with Neural DSP. Thanks

The manual states that it only works with MAC and IOS (iPhone our iPad).

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